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Why are Safari Operators Missing Out on Requests?

 Lack a safari website for their company

Do not have a safari website for their company How much cash have your safari businesses already lost because they don't have top-notch websites for their trips? Is it a daily total of $2,000, $3,000, or $20,000? many small safari companies, according to a survey, don't have a website for their operation.

The statistics are not a bit unexpected? I wanted to know if it was smart to not have an online presence when 3 billion of your potential customers spend an average of 10 hours per day online.

The majority of safari operators invest heavily in their safari guides, outdoor equipment, safari fleets, and the interior design of their offices. Customers won't knock on their doors because they don't comprehend, so they will not.

Even when a potential customer comes to your business or office to ask questions or obtain more information, a representative informs them of your offerings or encourages them to use and pay for your services.

 But instead of requiring a salesperson to inform your customers, your website serves as an online store. Website visitors can become paying customers on a well-designed and informative safari website in a fraction of the time. You simply need to be aware of the requirements of your potential customers and create a website that meets those needs.

Not having a strong marketing strategy to reach your objectives

The level of competition in the safari industry is extremely high, so maintaining a business requires adopting a 360-degree marketing strategy that is results-driven. 

And as a result, business owners who are aware of the marketing trade secrets prosper, while those who are unaware lose business and allow their rivals to overtake them. Don't you think that is how your company is currently operating?

Even some safari operators enter the market without a firm marketing strategy?

 They collaborate with businesses that lack knowledge of the Serengeti, have never visited Tanzania to fully comprehend a client's ecosystem, and are unaware of peak and off-peak seasons. Even they don't know what searches Americans and Britons make before making an African safari reservation.

Do you realize that there are nearly 2 million people using Google to look up terms related to safaris? How many of them regularly communicate with you? How will you generate bookings for your safari business given the rapidly evolving challenges in the safari market if potential safari customers can't find you?

Your safari business's success or failure may depend on whether it ranks highly in search results.

Your agents receive a portion of your profits.

Isn't it unpleasant to give a large portion of your profits to a business that is not your own? Safari Agents, in the opinion of the majority of safari companies, are what will really change the safari industry. But are they actually? Have you considered the amount of money you are wasting by relying solely on agents? 

Why would a safari company give their hard-earned cash to a third-party agent who makes not even 0.01% effort when they make all the effort and work to make their safari customers' trip memorable? Of course, they give you a lot of customers, but have you ever considered how much money you are actually losing in the process?

If you are the owner of a safari company and want to maximize your profits, you must directly reach your customers through online marketing. However, if you rely on agents, their businesses will benefit more than your safari companies.

Learn how to?

takes a sizable portion of profits as a share charge on each and every booking
  • There is no brand awareness.
  • sends arbitrary questions from anywhere
  • With numerous safari tour operators, they exchange the same questions.
  • No Control Over Your Business Consequently, you have a clear choice as to whether you want to keep all the profits and expand your company on your own, or split them with an Agent and help expand their enterprise. 
  • Keep in mind that Making Smart Business Decisions Brings Revenue.
Perhaps you can now identify the cause of your declining customer base?


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