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How to obtain testimonials with five stars

Customer feedback is crucial.


People frequently conduct a quick online search before purchasing any good or service. They consider the offerings of various companies, their quality, and what makes their goods or service so exceptional. All business-related factors are compared and examined. They examine customer reviews in addition to the company's own communications:
  • How many users submitted reviews?
  • Are they content?
  • Exist any complaints that are frequently brought up?
A potential customer is more likely to feel confident about making a purchase from you if they see numerous favorable reviews and high ratings.

A customer review is a description of how a customer felt about your company's goods or services. You can use an easy marketing strategy called online reviews to show prospective clients the value of your services. Your success depends on having positive customer reviews.

Three reasons why client testimonials are crucial for your company

1. Customer testimonials boost your credibility and reputation

Customer reviews have an impact on your company's reputation. Having a high number of positive reviews improves your social credibility, creates a favorable impression on prospective clients, and promotes transparency.

2. Client testimonials enable customers to interact with your business

Customers can interact positively by leaving reviews if there is a place for them to do so. They want to connect with you, want to write you a review, and they want to spread useful information about their travel experience.

3. Customer feedback can help you grow your company.

Customer reviews are the general commentary of your visitors. They might also offer ideas for how to do things better. You can use this feedback to better understand the needs of your customers and figure out how to make your services and travel experiences better.

Recognize your target market

Understanding your customers is the first step to obtaining better customer reviews. We need to revisit your buyer persona for this. Your buyer persona is a picture of your ideal client made specifically for your company. For tour operators to respond to the needs of their potential customers, they are a crucial tool.

Going back to your buyer persona is crucial because you can only get 5-star customer reviews if you satisfy your customers' needs. You must understand what they are seeking, what their values are, and when they are satisfied in order to do this. It involves providing travel experiences and customer service that satisfies and exceeds their expectations. You won't get 5-star reviews with an average offer, so be aware of that. It must be exceptional.

requesting a review
High-rated reviews give your company a good reputation and credibility, as I already mentioned. However, a small number of positive reviews won't persuade any potential customers. As a result, it's critical that you consistently increase the number of customer reviews.

Asking for feedback may seem difficult, but once you've made a strategic plan, you'll see that it's really not that hard. Most likely, your satisfied customers are eager to tell you and other potential clients about their positive experiences. Don't forget to request consent before sharing any feedback with the public.

Therefore, when do you request feedback? There are three main ways to market your business, depending on the type of products you offer and the type of business you have. 

There are three main ways to solicit feedback from your customers, depending on your type of business and the products you offer.

Immediately following the trip

Following a customer's travel experience is when you can most easily get their feedback. This works best on multiday journeys or excursions where visitors spend time with a guide. Make sure your request for feedback is brief and only takes a few minutes when you make it immediately following the experience.
Make a QR code that visitors can scan with their phone after their trip. Request immediate and direct feedback from visitors while they are still enjoying the experience. Only ask a few questions, and leave room for comments and general impressions.

 After they got home, via email

Sending your visitors a thorough survey once they returned home can help you learn more about their experiences throughout their entire journey. You can learn more about where you met and where you didn't meet their expectations by asking more detailed questions and getting a rating. It enables you to identify problems very quickly.

Advice: design a survey.
Make a survey that only accepts multiple-choice responses to direct questions. Ask them to rate the level of communication, the selection of activities and accommodations, the quality of the guide, and the emphasis on ethical tourism. Include a space where people can leave comments and give an overall impression.

 Request an online review from them.

While survey results are essential for business improvement, TripAdvisor reviews are excellent for marketing. Potential customers will be persuaded to make a reservation with you after reading positive public reviews from actual travelers who have traveled with you. It aids in online brand development for you.

Send a personal email as a hint.

Thank clients personally via email for choosing you by sending it a few days after they return home. Tell them you'd love to get their overall opinions, and ask them to share their TripAdvisor experience with other potential customers. Additionally, you can give discounts to clients who have left you positive reviews.

Participate in customer reviews

Make sure to always interact with your customers when seeking feedback. Always thank them for their time because they took it to write a review. Show that you value feedback by responding to it. Respond as soon as you can to a negative review from a customer, expressing your understanding of their situation and remaining open to further discussion.

Always give thoughtful, enthusiastic responses. This establishes a solid foundation for your relationship with your (potential) customers online, fosters trust, and demonstrates your genuine concern for their travel experience. Share positive comments on your website and social media platforms to enhance your reputation and boost customer engagement.

Boost your online reputation

Even if you've already launched a program for customer feedback, concentrate on streamlining the procedure. Are you currently making every effort to only receive favorable reviews? You must improve your business performance if you want to gain more customer loyalty, online credibility, and goodwill. 

Create a strategic plan that includes not only meeting and exceeding customer expectations but also determining the ideal moment and method for requesting feedback. Positive customer feedback will improve your brand's success and sales!




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